A Jesus Easter: Explore God's Amazing Rescue Plan

A Jesus Easter: Explore God's Amazing Rescue Plan

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By Barbara Reaoch

Celebrate the awesome, life-changing events of Easter with this family devotional. ...了解更多....



作者: Barbara Reaoch
出版: The Good Book Company
初版: 2022/02
頁數: 96
尺寸: 6" x 9" x 0.2"
ISBN: 9781784987039


Book Summary


Help your family to appreciate the awesome, life-changing events of Easter with this 30-day devotional.

These easy-to-lead devotions start by looking at Genesis and take us through the Old Testament to see how Easter was always part of God’s amazing plan for his people. The remainder look at the Easter story itself, helping families to experience the full joy of our resurrection hope.

Each day there is a passage to read together, questions to think about, an explanation, and a prayer. There are also age-appropriate application questions, with some for younger children and some for older children, as well as journalling space so that family members can write or draw their own response to what God has shown them.

So why not set aside a little time each day in the run-up to Easter with this inspiring and innovative resource to celebrate what Jesus has done for us?

A Jesus Easter is written by Barbara Reaoch, who was the Director of Children’s Division at the Bible Study Fellowship for many years and has also authored two of our Advent family devotionals: A Jesus Christmas and A Better Than Anything Christmas.



Before You Begin
Some Useful Bible Words
Day 1: God's First Promise
Day 2: Safe Forever
Day 3: God Plans His Family
Day 4: Speaking God's Word
Day 5: Friends With God
Day 6: God's Chosen King
Day 7: Hardship and Happiness
Day 8: The Tree Stump
Day 9: The Suffering Servant
Day 10: The Hero of Heaven
Day 11: An Ordinary-Looking King
Day 12: Mary's Gift
Day 13: A Peaceful Donkey
Day 14: Jesus in the Temple
Day 15: Betrayal!
Day 16: The Last Supper
Day 17: Faith That Never Fails
Day 18: In the Garden
Day 19: The Plan Unfolds
Day 20: The Courtroom
Day 21: Pontius Pilate
Day 22: The Criminal Who Went Free
Day 23: Weeping Women
Day 24: Three Crosses
Day 25: The Curtain Tears
Day 26: The Tomb
Day 27: Back to Life Forever
Day 28: The Plan Revealed
Day 29: Good News
Day 30: Everything Changes




Marty Machowski
Family pastor and author of Long Story Short
A Jesus Easter will help your family understand the story of Easter, from its first hint in the book of Genesis right through to the spread of the gospel in the early church. Buy a copy of this excellent book and start a tradition of taking your family through an Easter devotional every year.

Christina Fox
Author of Tell God How You Feel
An engaging, Christ-exalting, gospel-centered resource for family discipleship. This devotional will introduce children to the Savior promised in Genesis and how he rescues us from sin. Celebrate Easter this year with your children by reading A Jesus Easter together!

Thomas Schreiner
Associate Dean for Scripture and Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Barbara Reaoch takes us on a fascinating journey through the Old Testament and Jesus’ ministry, showing us with clarity and joy that all the Scriptures point to Jesus. A helpful guide for those wanting to understand how the Bible fits together.

Champ Thornton
Pastor and author of The Radical Book for Kids
Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus as a family with this wonderful new 30-day devotional by best-selling author and master teacher Barbara Reaoch. Using kid-friendly language, interactive questions, and space to draw, A Jesus Easter explores the Bible to show how King Jesus has triumphed over the devil, sin, and death. It’s the perfect addition to any Easter basket!

Jared Kennedy
Managing Editor of Gospel-Centered Family and author of The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible
Barbara Reaoch has created a deep, Christ-centered Easter resource that keeps in mind families where children's ages and attention spans vary. She doesn't hide the difficult parts of the story—Christ's suffering, the injustice of his death, and the miracle of his resurrection—but she provides helpful tools (a glossary, different questions for older and younger kids, and family journaling space) to keep every child in your family dialed in.

Tamar Pollard
Director for Families, Children, and Youth Ministry, Grace Community Church, Bedford, UK
This is such a good Easter devotional! It’s richly packed with amazing truths, full of helpful questions and notes, and adaptable for a range of ages. I love the way it doesn’t just show God’s rescue plan but also introduces the lies of Satan in all their different forms and the promises of Jesus that combat them and help us rest in him. I’m certain it will help families focus on our Savior and also generate further discussions about everyday faith.

Phil Howe
Scripture Union Northern Ireland
I really enjoyed showing this to my boys! The timing was short, the process was simple, and it pointed us to the Savior, King Jesus. I loved how it showed us God’s grand design—how the Easter story is really the Jesus story and how we see the themes from the beginning of Scripture continue all the way through. Barbara reveals the lies of Satan, the truth of Jesus, and the hope of Easter.

Brian J. Wright
Pastor and author of God’s Daring Dozen
As a father of five, I’m grateful to have this reliable, clear, and engaging Easter devotional to help me lead my family in exploring God’s amazing rescue plan in Christ alone. If you too want your family and others to treasure the truth of Jesus this Easter, pick up this book and read it together!

Ruth Bromley
Children’s Development Officer, Presbyterian Church in Ireland
Another example of a great family devotional, which allows all ages to explore the Easter story together. With space to read, reflect, journal, and discuss together, it allows for different learning styles as well as different ages, helping you to look as a family at the greatest story of all time.

Christine Chappell
Outreach Director and Hope + Help Podcast Host, Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship
A Jesus Easter is an interactive discipleship guide for families—one that helps adults to communicate and apply powerful gospel truths in kid-friendly language. If you’re looking to cultivate meaningful conversations about Easter and its implications for everyday life, this creative resource is for you.

Carol McCarty
Illustrator and former educator
A very effective teaching tool to help children learn about who Jesus is. It has a consistent lesson format and the journaling sections allow for individual creativity, which will leave a mental image in the mind of the child.

Mandy Pallock
As a mama to young kids, I need a biblically sound, Jesus-focused resource that spans ages and attention spans. Barbara Reaoch's new book, A Jesus Easter, fills these needs and helps families go deep as they celebrate Christ's resurrection together!

Nancy Guthrie
Author and Bible teacher
What a great resource for setting the significance of the death and resurrection of Jesus in context of the whole Bible story. Barbara provides brief but sound insights from Scripture along with good questions to generate a meaningful conversation with kids.



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The Good Book Company A Jesus Easter: Explore God's Amazing Rescue Plan
A Jesus Easter: Explore God's Amazing Rescue Plan
By Barbara Reaoch

Celebrate the awesome, life-changing events of Easter with ...
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