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  • 明風 Ming Feng Press 別搞錯信仰(中英對照) | Seeking Truth Beyond Facts

別搞錯信仰(中英對照) | Seeking Truth Beyond Facts

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作者: 蔡頌輝
譯者: Naomi Thurston
出版: 明風
初版: 2016/06
頁數: 176
尺寸: 210*165 mm
ISBN: 9789888165186



漫畫往往具有諷刺性,呈現出一個荒謬的晝面,讓人一方面看了會心一笑,另一方面卻感覺到很真實,有時候還會發現自己就是畫中人!兩格的漫畫一邊指出了現實生活的「真相」(這些真相往往隱藏在華麗的外衣後面),另一邊則指出了聖經所啟示的「真理」。基督徒的生命也很需要這兩者——我們需要不斷地透過聖經的啟示來對照靈性目前的光景,認真看待自己的真相,並接受和努力實踐神的真理。 每個主題的漫畫均有相應的參考經文、圖解說明及反思問題,中英對照,適合個人閱讀、靈修及小組討論。







忙碌與充實 Busy and Fulhlling
祝福是化了妝的苦難? Suffering in Disguise?
所要的奉獻 Offerings that God Wants
不能沒有冒險 Adventure is a Must
宗教與信仰 Religion and Faith
喜歡與愛 Liking and Loving
人所需要的改變 The Change We Really Need
工作與事奉 Work and Service
敬拜關乎生活 Worship Relates to Life
需要與不需要 VVhat We Need
迷信與敬虔 Superstition os. Godliness
甚麼樣的福音? he Nature of the Gospel
活出偉大的信仰 Living Out our Great Faith
皈依與悔改 Conversion vs. Repentance
得救與改變 Salvation and Transformation
禱告該求甚麼? What Should We Pray For?
人的期待與神的愛 Human Expectations and the Love of God
代禱與行動 Intercession and Action
指往豐盛的路牌 Road Signs to Abundant Life
合一的真相 The Truth About Unity
自卑與謙卑 Inferiority and Humility
差傳的條件 Fulfilling the Great Commission
將來的好戲 What God Intends for Good
祝福與咒詛 Blessings and Curses
禱告的操練 The Practice oF Praying
時時需要主 Our Constant Need for God
神的愛 The Love of God
復興的現象與真義 The Phenomenon of Revival and Its True Meaning
屬靈不屬靈 Spiritual vs. Not Spiritual
做神的工作? Doing God's Work?
必勝的戰爭 The Winning Battle
你的「成績」好不好? What Have You Achieved?
是自然律,還是神蹟? Law of Nature or a Miracle?
甚麼樣的信仰? What Kind of Faith?
製造出來的神 The Gods We Create
可見與未見的神蹟 Seen and Unseen Miracles
認識神的人 People Who Know God
讀經與用經 Reading and Applying Scriptures
當你呼求「主」 When You Say "Lord"…
建造門徒教會 A Church That Makes Disciples
該渴慕甚麼? What Should I Desire?
罪:道德?關係? The Question of Sin
神眼中的成功  How Does God Define Success?
富裕與貧窮 Rich and Poor
煉出永恆的美 Refining Eternal Beauty
高升與降卑 Ascension and Descent
誰是真勇者? True Courage
完成任務的能力 Strength to Complete the Mission
神怎會不能用你? Do You Have Faith That God Can Use You?
當困難來臨 Facing Difficulties
你讚美了嗎? What Does Your Praise Sound Like?
忍耐地愛 Love and Patience
工作與使命 Work and Mission
信仰的考場 The Testing of Our Faith
常在聖靈中 Living by the Holy Spirit at All Times
大事小事都忠心 Be Faithful Always
事奉生活化 Serving People
犯錯與認錯 Admitting Mistakes
奉獻的動機 What Motivates Your Offerings?
死蔭幽谷裹的平安 Peace in the Darkest Valley
失味的鹽有何用? What Use Is Salt Without Its Saltiness?
恩賜與事奉 Spiritual Gifts and Ministry
你唯一的擁有 My Portion
人生的悲劇 The Tragedy of Life
呼召與成果 God's Calling os. Our Accomplishments
魔鬼的詭計 The Devil's Trick
偉大的神、偉大的恩典 Great God, Great Grace
得福與施福 The Blessings of Giving and Receiving
璽身定做的人生 A Customized Life
感覺不到的同在 Unfelt Presence
神喜歡繞道 God May Detour
信靠與責任 Trust and Responsibility
愛所難愛 Loving the Unlovable
別讓事奉變逃避 Trying to Avoid the Great Commission
未求而已得的恩典 Grace That Is Freely Given
聖經不是自助餐 The Bible Doesn't Work Like a Cafeteria
甚麼樣的信心? What Is Faith?
活出神的聖潔 Living out God's Holiness
服事不是為了得喜悅 Serving Is Not About Seeking Approval
不能想象的榮耀 Unimaginable Glory

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